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Daleville Pageant Program

The Pageant Program needs your support.  There are many expenses involved in pageants, such as float expenses, parade entry fees, pageant entry fees and more.  All these activities advertise and promote Daleville in other cities as well as in Daleville.  Sponsorship comes with opportunities to promote your business/organization.  Click the Sponsorship Form button below to find out more.


For registration, requirements and rules please see forms below.

If you have any questions please email us at

Daleville Queens

We are so proud of all the contestants. Thank you for competing and doing your best.

We now have four new Daleville Queens we would like to add to the family.



Miss Daleville - Ma’Kiyah Galloway

Junior Miss - Savanna Keenen

Petite Miss - Blakelyn Grimes

Future Little Miss - Bella Litherland


The Daleville pageant program is a wonderful way for young girls and women to build confidence and team building skills, helping them to become role models and future leaders.  

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